Henna Party in Philadelphia

Henna parties are a Hindu and Muslim wedding tradition. Whether you're planning a time-honored henna party in accordance with your own cultural traditions, or you're adopting the idea in a more casual manner as a fun way to lead up your nuptials, D'lux Meetings And Events can help you pull together the perfect henna party ideas.

Call Professional Party Planners for Your Henna Party

Henna tattoo parties are typically thrown just before a wedding. Handling all the details of your big day, you already have more than enough on your plate. Make sure your henna party is as stress-free as possible by bringing in the professional party planners at D'lux Meetings And Events to help with your Philadelphia event.

Henna parties are usually held two to three days before the wedding to apply these temporary tattoos to the bride and her bridesmaids. Henna tattoos are drawn on the skin using a paste made from dried henna leaves. The tattoo artist applies this paste using a paper cone with a small tip. Once the paste has dried, it will flake off, leaving the dark brown stain of the tattoo behind.

You can extend your henna party beyond your bridesmaids, but it's important to make sure you've planned accordingly, so everyone will have enough time to get their tattoos. Intricate henna designs can take several hours for a single person. Our party planners can help you get all the details just right.

Philadelphia Henna Parties

The main event of a henna party is providing beautiful temporary tattoos for your guests. However, there's a lot of down time while the artists are working, and you want to make sure everyone is mixing and mingling comfortably in the meantime. D'lux Meetings And Events will help you arrange essential party elements like:

  • Booking a Philadelphia event space that's appropriate for your party
  • Decorating the venue for your henna activities
  • Catering your event with delicious themed food and drink
  • Hiring a photographer to take photos of your tattoos in progress and on completion
  • Setting up comfortable seating areas for guests while they get their tattoos
  • Hiring a DJ or musician or choosing a playlist to create the right ambiance
  • Hiring additional entertainers or service providers such as a palm reader, belly dance instructor, nail artist, or masseuse

A well-planned henna party is a perfect opportunity for the bride and her friends to relax and bond before the wedding festivities. You can indulge in beauty rituals and enjoy decadent treats during this soothing experience. Use your henna party as an alternative to the rowdier bachelorette party, or simply book this as an additional activity in your wedding countdown.

Hire D'lux Meetings And Events for Your Henna Party Planning

Leave the party planning up to the pros, so you can sit back and enjoy the anticipation leading up to your wedding with no extra stressors. Your henna party can serve as the ultimate indulgence where you get pretty and pampered just days before you walk down the aisle. Our professionals will help you arrange an unforgettable Philadelphia event.