Henna Party in Camden

In many Hindu and Muslim cultures, it's a tradition to have a henna party before the wedding. In India, they call a henna ceremony a Mehndi party. These parties are popular in:

  • The gulf states
  • The eastern Mediterranean
  • Morocco
  • Many expatriate communities around the world

However, they're also not just for weddings anymore. Many people enjoy the beauty and intricacy of henna and are choosing to have henna parties for bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and other celebrations. If you're planning a henna party in Camden and need help with all the details, D'lux Meetings And Events is here for you.

How D'lux Meetings And Events Can Help Your Henna Party

A lot of planning goes into a henna party. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to throw the perfect party, these are just a few of the services we offer to help you:

  • Choosing a color theme
  • Creating the invitations
  • Selecting henna designs
  • Creating a menu
  • Deciding on entertainment options
  • Securing vendors

Picking a Henna Party Color Theme

While a henna tattoo party is already a theme, you might want to get even more specific and decide on a color theme for your party as well. Since natural henna dye is always brown, you might choose to have anything from decorations to napkins in bright pops of blue, red, or yellow.

Sending the Henna Party Invitations

You'll want to send your henna party invitations around one month before the actual celebration. Consider including a few pictures of temporary tattoos to give your guests a feel for the party and help them get excited. If you're using a color for a theme, you can also incorporate that color into your invitations.

Deciding on a Henna Tattoo Party Venue

Most henna parties in the Camden area are held in a private home for intimacy and privacy. However, there are also plenty of options for other venues depending on how large your henna party is. A few of these choices include:

  • Hotel
  • Community center
  • Banquet hall
  • Private room at restaurant
  • Country club
  • Ballroom
  • Reception hall

Creating a Henna Party Menu

Creating a menu for your henna tattoo party is an exciting step. If you're having an Indian henna party, consider chai, chana masala, and chicken tikka masala as options. For a Moroccan party, think about couscous, b'stilla, and mint tea. You can also plan a menu around your favorite dishes or favorite food for the honoree of the party.

Choosing Henna Designs

Henna gives luck and blessings. When you're planning your party, keep in mind that henna designs represent different symbols, such as beauty, joy, and success. Other symbols include:

  • Lotus: creativity and grace
  • Flowers: joy and happiness
  • Buds: the start of new life
  • Vines: longevity
  • Peacock: beauty
  • Birds: freedom
  • Dragonflies: rebirth
  • Butterflies: change and transformation
  • Sun: energy
  • Moon: protection
  • Water: purification
  • Mandala: the universe

Call Us for Your Henna Party

Whether you're planning a henna party for a bride or need henna party ideas for your celebration in Camden , contact D'lux Meetings And Events to learn more about our services and see how we can help.