Plan the Perfect Baby Naming Party in Camden

Congratulations, you've got a new family member on the way! After poring through countless books of baby names and endless web pages on what names are trending, you're still unable to make up your mind. Holding a baby naming party is a great option for indecisive new parents.

Places for Your Christening Party

The first thing that comes to mind is to hold the party at your home or that of a loved one. If you don't have a large enough house, consider renting a larger one through Airbnb. Many options are available in Camden , and if the festivities involve drinking and go late into the night, folks can sleep over so no one has to drive. Just make sure the homeowner allows parties.

To avoid the hassle of cleaning up or running out of tables and chairs, look into renting an event space for your baby naming ceremony. Dining halls, private rooms at local restaurants, and clubhouses at Camden golf courses are all great choices. Many of them will provide tables, chairs, and other party supplies. If they don't, turn to D'lux Meetings And Events to rent or buy everything you need.

Make It Special!

Once you've chosen a space, plan out the decor. After all, you'll be taking many photos to capture the memories of your naming party. Again, D'lux Meetings And Events can help. They offer a wide range of tableware, cards, props, banners, bunting, and other items to make your day a special one. They can even offer some naming ceremony ideas to help spark your creativity.

Include the Little Ones

If your friends and family have children of their own, arrange games and other diversions to keep the kids happy and occupied during your soiree. Enlist the help of a volunteer to act as a chaperone for the little ones. Remember, one of the kids may just come up with the perfect name for your soon-to-be son or daughter!

Naming Ceremony Gift Ideas

It's traditional for guests to provide gifts at such an event, but some people may not know what to bring. In that case, they should simply treat the event like a baby shower. While there may not be a registry for the naming ceremony, adorable baby clothes are always a good choice. You can't go wrong with gift cards, especially for restaurants (since the new parents will need a break once the baby's born).

One unique idea is to make your own book of coupons, offering services such as:

  • "One Evening of Babysitting"
  • "One Load of Laundry, Washed, Dried, and Folded"
  • "One Home-Cooked Meal, Delivered to Your Door"

These will provide much-needed courtesies and, as a bonus, the gift-giver gets to see the new baby more often!

The party host should likewise have gifts for all the guests, and prizes for the best names provided during the event. D'lux Meetings And Events has a great selection of keepsakes, goodies for grab bags, and more.

Names Last a Lifetime...

...and so should the memories of your baby naming party. Select the perfect Camden location, make the space festive and beautiful with decorations from D'lux Meetings And Events, provide meaningful keepsakes and gifts, and take plenty of pictures. You and your guests will grace a new life with a new name, as well as lifelong memories for yourselves as well.